Day 5 Recap

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The Theme was “VICTORY! Becoming Champions for Christ.” God has given us so much to keep the faith alive in our hearts. Mary (our Blessed Mother) and all the saints are great Champions of the faith and have won the victory. It’s our turn to follow Jesus’ example and become a saint in our own special way.

Virtue of the Day

The Virtue of the Day was justice. We had a demonstration using a $10 bill. It taught us that when we practice justice, we believe everyone is equal, and valued each the same.

Saint of the Day

The Saint of the Day was Saint Francis Xavier. We presented each child with a saint card today, so please read the story on the back of the card with your child.

Faith Station

In the faith station, our team went over some highlights of the week. The kids interviewed a special guest. Ask your child what they talked about. We also listened to a Bible Story: The Annunciation.

Bible Verse Video (Philippians 3:14)

“I press on toward the goal, for the prize of the upward call, of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

*repeat this scripture to your child a few times to see if they can memorize it or ask them to teach you the song they learned in the faith station.

Music Station

The new Cat.Chat songs of the day was “Spark My Heart” and “For Children Everywhere.” Be sure to play the Music CD of the songs they learned, so that the experience of VBS will remain in their heart all year long.

Craft Station

Your child made a great craft today (VBS Photo Frames). You may choose to display some of your child’s crafts of the week in special places in your home as reminders of his/her VBS experience. We also did a Saint of the Day Coloring Page.

Snack Station

The kids made “Goodie Gold Medals.” This snack reminded us that the prize of heaven which we are aiming for is greater than any gold medal or treat we can ever imagine!

Games Station

We played Crazy Cathletics at the games station! So much fun!

Take Home Items

Saint Francis Xavier saint card

More general questions to ask your child:

  • Tell me one thing you learned about becoming a Champion for Christ?

  • Who was your favorite saint you learned about this week? And why?

  • What is one thing about this VBS that you always want to remember?

  • What was your favorite part of the VBS week?

The Cat.Chat Challenge today is:

Write a letter or draw a picture and send it to their favorite professional sport team or a

favorite player. Tell them what a difference they are making in your life and in the lives of other young kids.

Note: You can get a list of addresses to many sport teams online. (Google: professional sport team addresses)

Thank you for participating in VBS at St. Isidore's!

We hope you enjoyed this week and that it sparked your heart to aim for nothing less than becoming a Champion for Christ.