Day 4 Recap

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Today, we took a Radical Ride to Italy.


The Theme was “The Landing: Putting prayer into action!” We can begin to see the power of prayer when we share the love, joy and peace of Jesus with others. 

Virtue of the Day

The Virtue of the Day was Zeal. We did a fun virtue demonstration using a birthday sparkler. When we shine and “sparkle” with zeal, we become attractive to all those around us. We can ask Jesus to help us “sparkle” his light to the world.

Saint of the Day

The Saint of the Day was St. John Bosco. We presented each child with a saint card today, so please read the story on the back of the card with your child.

Faith Station

In the faith station, we learned how important it is for us to give our “Yes” to God. He is calling us to learn about our faith and to live it out, just like the saints did!

Bible Verse of the Day

“..whatever you do, you should do all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

*repeat this scripture to your child a few times to see if they can memorize it or ask them to teach you the song they learned in the faith station.

Music Station

The Cat.Chat songs of the day were “I am Called” and “Every Little Thing” Ask your child to sing and do some of the actions to these songs.  

Craft Station

In the craft station, your child made a “Prayer Box.” Inside the Prayer Box, are the names of people your child can pray for each day. 

Snack Station

The kids made Pizza Bagels as a little taste of Italy!  Ask them to tell you about it! 

Games Station

Ask your child if they had fun playing the Balancing Game in the games station. 

Take Home Items

St. John Bosco saint card

More general questions to ask your child:

The Cat.Chat Challenge today is:

Find a box or jar you can use and write “Missionary Fund” on it. Gather the family together and have a prayer time to discern which Missionary group you would like to help support. When your family gives up that bag of chips or pop one evening, maybe put a couple dollars in the jar. Try to accumulate as much as you can for one month.  At the end of the month, count it up and give it away. 

God asks us to bless others with our goods. This is a simple way the family can work together to make a difference. 

Tomorrow’s theme is:

Tomorrow, Cat.Chat Airlines is taking a Radical Ride to Mexico and learning how to “Refuel” our faith.    

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