Day 2 Recap

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Today, we took a Radical Ride to Poland, the birthplace of St. John Paul II and St. Faustina.


The Theme was Prepare for Takeoff! Each of our station activities helped us to focus more on learning how to pray!  

Virtue of the Day

The Virtue of the Day was Trust. We did a virtue demonstration and someone got blindfolded and did a “trust fall” into the arms of a leader. This is to remind us how we are called to fall into the arms of our Creator and Savior (Christ Jesus) and trust that He is in complete control of our lives.  

Saint of the Day

The Saint of the Day was St. Faustina. We presented each child with a saint card today, so please read the story on the back of the card with your child.

Faith Station

In the faith station, we learned how the letter “R” in P.R.A.Y! stands for Rest. When we take the time to rest and quiet our hearts in prayer, God will speak to us. He wants us to know that we are loved, but we won’t be able to hear him if we don’t take that time for silence. We also saw different things that we could put in our own prayer spot at home.

Bible Verse of the Day

“Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for Him…” Psalm 37:7

*repeat this scripture to your child a few times to see if they can memorize it or ask them to teach you the song they learned in the faith station. 

Music Station

The Cat.Chat songs of the day were “Prepare for Takeoff” and “Teach Me to Pray.” Ask your child to sing and do some of the actions to these songs. Below are links to the videos and individual music files. You can also download all the songs on the CD HERE.

Craft Station

Have your child tell or show you what he/she made in the craft station!  We made airplanes and did a Saint of the Day Coloring Page.

Snack Station

In the snack station the kids enjoyed watermelon and marshmallows. The red and white snacks reminded us of the Polish flag!  We also played a fun game with jello - ask your child what color jello they had today!

Games Station

We played lots of fun games including the Radical Ride Obstacle Course and Pilot, Pilot, Take-Off!.  Ask your child to share which one was their favorite.

Take Home Items

St. Faustina saint card

More general questions to ask your child:

The Cat.Chat Challenge today is:

Challenge your child (and other family members) to share different ways to pray. And then - pray together.

Tomorrow’s theme is:

Tomorrow, your child can look forward to our next destination, where we will be flying to France.

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